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One Sister

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Venice Film Festival

Directed by Sofía Brockenshire & Verena Kuri
Produced by NABIS Filmgroup

Argentina 2015
86 Minutes
DCP-2k, Color, 1:2.35, 5.1

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With support from

  • Director

    Sofía Brockenshire & Verena Kuri

  • Production

    Nabis Filmgroup

  • Executive Producer

    Florencia Clérico

  • Written, Directed and Produced

    Verena Kuri & Sofía Brockenshire

  • Editing

    Laura Bierbrauer

  • Cinematography 1st Unit

    Andrés Hilarión
    Roman Kasseroller
    Federico Lo Bianco

  • Cinematography 2st Unit

    Federico Lo Bianco

  • Art Director

    Lucia Carnicero

  • Music


  • Sound Design

    Nahuel Palenque

  • Cast

    Sofía Palomino
    Adriana Ferrer
    Sebastián Carbone
    Saúl Simonet


In a small Argentinian backwater town, a young woman sets out on a solitary search for her sister who has disappeared without a trace. When the family’s car appears in flames on the bank of a nearby river, Alba falls deeper into a world of bureaucratic frustrations, bringing her to the edge of despair. Her journey drags her back to the river, where a silent witness seems to provide the only calm that’s left.